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Commercial Helicopter Pilot Training with Heli Air

PUBLISHED: 15:07 28 October 2014 | UPDATED: 15:20 28 October 2014

Heli Air Wycombe hangar

Heli Air Wycombe hangar


(Promotional feature.) Offering full time ATPL(H) in-house ground school and national nine-base flight training.

HAGS tutorHAGS tutor

Heli Air is unique in offering complete career path helicopter pilot training from 9 bases nationwide. From every one of these bases you can expect high quality training that is standardised, consistent and thorough. With the establishment of the Heli Air Ground School at Heli Air’s Wycombe base, career focused trainee helicopter pilots can now benefit from intensive fast track ground school tuition.

Heli Air Ground School

Dedicated to keeping pace with the needs of modern commercial helicopter pilots, this new purpose-built training facility at Wycombe Air Park provides an ideal environment for full time in-house training courses.

Complete your Ground Exam Course ATPL(H) in 6 months

This essential stage for anyone training to become a commercial helicopter pilot can now be achieved in a fast, most efficient and economical way with HAGS’s ATPL(H)

HAGS loungeHAGS lounge

Ground Exam Course

Unlike remote tuition courses, the HAGS course is a full time on-base study course that, from start to final exams, can be completed in six months. Once exams are passed, no other theoretical exams are needed, leaving you free to concentrate on flying and building your hours.

Full time on-base study

Tuition takes place weekly between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm Monday to Friday. The course covers all 14 subjects needed to pass the EASA ATPL(H) ground exams. To make this workload easier to manage, the subjects have been divided into three study blocks.

Three study blocks

Each study block takes 7 weeks. A block comprises a group of related subjects and at the end of each stage you will be ready to take the relevant exams.

Heli Air's Wycombe baseHeli Air's Wycombe base

Subject study

Each study block will consist of interactive lessons, visits (including engineering and the control tower), tests to monitor progress and at the end of each block, mock exam and revision lessons to ensure that you are exam ready.

Study within a commercial aviation environment

A Heli Air’s Wycombe base, you will be at the heart of a thriving commercial helicopter business as well as being surrounded by many other aviation businesses. This unique study environment provides students with a daily opportunity to meet commercial pilots, clients, engineering and support staff, giving insight into and experience of the world of aviation. Wycombe is also Heli Air’s main engineering centre where visits to the hangar for practical demonstrations greatly aids understanding of current study topics.

Concentrated study and expert tuition

HAGS classroomHAGS classroom

Full time study enables students to focus on their tuition without the distractions associated with remote learning. It also keeps subjects fresh in the mind, aiding the process of understanding and information retention. All HAGS tutors are full time helicopter flight instructors and commercial pilots, providing an extra dimension of experience to your tuition.

Efficient and fast

Each day of study is structured, enabling you to learn, absorb and achieve in the quickest, most economic way possible. You will be immersed in a commercial aviation environment where the day to day running of an airpark and helicopter base will help motivate you through your course. Your study time will be alongside other career focused trainees and even your break periods can be spent in the company of qualified aviation professionals and clients. Within six months you could have achieved what alternative methods take at least a year and often a great deal longer to do.

An excellent boost to your career

For many trainee pilots, their essential ground school study must be achieved using remote study. This means fitting it in with work, home and other commitments which can be frustrating, intrusive, time consuming and expensive. The full time HAGS ATPL(H) Ground School Course offers an efficient, effective way of achieving this stage rapidly, providing you with the an excellent foundation of knowledge to carry into your flight training and your future career as a helicopter pilot.

HAGS hangarHAGS hangar

Your next step

To book your course, access full details or discuss any queries you may have, contact: Ewen Goldsobel (Chief Ground Instructor) or Andy Young (Base Manager)

E: T: 01494 769976

Heli Air Ground School Wycombe Air Park Marlow SL7 3DP

Heli Air for all levels of training

You can do all of your training with Heli Air including:

• PPL(H)

• Structured hours building

• ATPL(H) ground school

• CPL(H)

• Type ratings, Instructor ratings etc

Apart from standard training packages, Heli Air can provide individual tailored packages to suite your exact needs.

Hours building

Building your flying hours can be achieved even whilst you study by hiring a helicopter from any of the Heli Air bases nationwide.

Heli Air also provides opportunities for positioning flights which is a great way to build your confidence as well as your flying hours.

Career networking

As one of the largest light helicopter businesses in the UK, Heli Air offers great potential for employment and an excellent centre from which to network with other helicopter operators.

Heli Air Wycombe - a great place to study

Study is conducted within a comfortable on-base internet linked study environment. Students will also enjoy kitchen facilities, a reference library and many areas to relax, both within the base and at Wycombe Air Park.

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