CAA launches Firework Display Location Guide

The Civil Aviation Authority’s dedicated web page has been set up to inform pilots of large firework displays that may affect their flights.

School Build-a-Plane Challenge documentary *video*

Pupils who have been building kit-planes at their schools and colleges were invited to a Build-a-Plane challenge documentary screening at the Royal Aeronautical Society on 13 October.

Government responds to Red Tape Challenge Panel Report

The Government has published its response to the General Aviation Red Tape Challenge Panel’s Final Report, which was released in May.


Read the Airfields Destinations Guide online

Pilot brings you a selection of Airfield Profiles to suit every kind of aviator – from microlighters to the R66 pilot...

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VAC All Hallows Fly-in

The final VAC 50th anniversary event of 2014 is going to be a monster!

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Northamptonshire NN9

Five-bedroom house with 700m grass runway available for rent

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Attention, Stansted pilots or ground crew!

60ft steel narrowboat with secluded residential mooring in Bishops Stortford.

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