A photo of Tibet taken by Cooper

Mercury-Atlas 8 mission camera to be auctioned

The first Hasselblad Camera to be used in space, which captured the first instantly recognisable images of Earth, is up for sale.

For the first time in the airline's history, Virgin Atlantic is launching a pilot cadet scheme. Anyone can apply for the scheme and flying experience is not required. Virgin Atlantic will fund the scheme in the form of a loan.

CTC Aviation to provide training for Virgin Atlantic ‘Future Flyers’ scheme

Commercial flight training organisation CTC Aviation has announced an exclusive airline pilot training partnership with Virgin Atlantic Airways.

e-Go SSDR aircraft may become UAV

e-Go aeroplanes has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Blue Bear Systems Research for the two companies to work together as partners in the research, testing, support and training for the e-Go platform as an optionally piloted system (OPA).


Super Constellation: The Star of Switzerland

Taking a flight-deck ride on a rare survivor from the days when airline travel was exciting, adventurous and glamorous - and the aircraft itself was an object d’art

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Book launch and quiz at Headcorn Aerodrome

Celebrate the launch of ‘Redhead in the Clouds’ - the biography of Headcorn’s founder, Diana Patten - by Greer Harris.

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IFR/Airways including Garmin 430 GPS, Mode S etc.

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Classic fast 4 seat tourer, good field performer with generous rear seats and a good weight lifter.

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Share in lively & economical Cessna 172N - based in Derby

Excellent availability, low hours engine, online booking, friendly group of eight to share outgoings.

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Piper Arrow IV

For sale £46,000 VAT free, or would consider half share. North London.

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