New training scheme for aspiring pilots

APEM – a science-based consultancy business – has launched a Pilot Cadet Training scheme, which aims to train aspiring survey pilots.

APEM – a science-based consultancy company – has launched a Pilot Cadet Training scheme, which aims to train aspiring survey pilots.

The collaboration with Atlantic Training Support Ltd, based at Coventry Airport, hopes to train a group of 100 hour PPL Aerial Survey Pilot Cadets to become twin-engine survey pilots. The scheme will provide full commercial flight training and help students to gain essential flying experience, with the ultimate aim of gaining a frozen ATPL.

APEM Remote Sensing is increasingly using aerial surveillance for providing data for environmental investigations. Over the past seven years it has been expanding its aerial survey capabilities and now has a fleet consisting of five aircraft that have been specially modified: three Vulcanair P68s, a Britten Norman Islander, and a Cessna 172 SP.

APEM also employs six full-time survey pilots, who are supported by several part-time ‘pool pilots’ and a host of operations and specialist photographic/sensor staff.

The company carries out a range of surveys including off-shore ecological data collection and environmental surveys of power station effluents, pipelines and river corridors. It is based in Stockport, Cheshire, and conducts field-based operations across the world, for both industry and government.

It is expected that cadets' training will last between 18 months and two years, during which time they will be paid APEM employees. Training will cover ground operations and on-board camera techniques, but 20 per cent of a cadet’s time will be spent pilot training. The company will pay for the Cadet scheme, including all pilot training, examination and hour building, with the qualified pilots bonded for three years after having successfully completed their training. Once operational, they will then join the full-time salaried pilot staff and fly the full range of survey activities undertaken by the firm.

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The Pilot Cadet scheme follows on from APEM’s long-standing graduate training programme for aquatic scientists. APEM Remote Sensing Director Dr Stuart Clough says: “Putting something back into our industry to invest in the scientists and pilots of the future is something we are extremely proud of at APEM – after all the skills of our staff are what we sell.”

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