Pilot Magazine News - March 2012

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Hot news in the flying world is the announcement of the Rotax 912iS, which brings direct fuel injection and digital electronic control to the most popular four-stroke power plant used in microlights/ultralights, Euro-VLA and US Light Sport Aircraft (see the Spring issue for our full news story, alongside an exclusive flight test of the superb Bristell Fastback LSA and something of a ‘budget flying’ theme, with a ‘First Look’ feature on the GSAL Eindecker ‘deregulated’ and flight test of the latest incarnation of the Thruster microlight).

While the year’s fly-ins are beginning to take off (see our constantly-updated Calendar for dates) the European headline event of the next couple of months is AERO 2012, held at Friedrichshafen on 19-22 April. Pilot will be reporting from the event, which showcases all the latest in GA and includes everything from R/C models to full-size bizjets. Don’t forget that the British equivalent, Aero Expo, held on 25-27 May is coming hot on its heels. Early bookings are up, and Sywell promises a wonderful grass field/art deco ‘feel’ to the event – one to which you can easily fly in.