Win a display from the Trig aerobatic team at your home airfield!

Win a private air display from the Trig Aerobatic team!

Know someone who has a birthday coming up and fancy giving them the ultimate gift? Or how about an unforgettable surprise for a wedding or anniversary? Enter the 8.33 Challenge and you could win a jaw-dropping private display from the Trig Aerobatic team.

The competition is open to all pilots - no matter what you fly. Just grab a camera and let your imagination run wild in order to win this once-in-a-lifetime prize.

Richard Grace, Team Leader of the Trig Aerobatic Team said: “Like our sponsor Trig Avionics we are passionate about flying,and would encourage Pilot readers to get involved - its really simple.”

The challenge

To mark the launch of Trig’s new compact 8.33kHz VHF radio, we areinviting you to fly either 8.3 miles, 83 miles or even 830 miles fromyour home base (you decide), and take a winning photograph.

The subject is up to you, but the photograph will need to be novel, engaging or plain impressive in order to wow the judges.

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We hope you’llhave fun planning your flight and taking part.


To enter you must submit your winning picture, indicate its exactdistance from your home airfield and let us know why it's a worthy winner in no morethan 50 words.

We would like to receive entriesas soon as you can make your flight, anyone can take part. The finaldate for entries is 1 August 2012.

Please submit your entry electronically to Image formats accepted are .JPG and or .PDF.

The prize

The lucky winner gets something really special. The Trig AerobaticTeam will visit your home airfield to perform a private display oftheir 2012 Aerobatic Routine for you and your flying club.

Richard Grace adds: “We are really looking forward to flying intosomeone’s airfield and sharing our exciting display as the prize, soget planning and get creative.”

The winning photograph will also be published in Archant’sProfessional Photographer Magazine as an additional bonus prize, sohave a go and the Trig Team might be visiting your strip later in the year!