1/3 Share Extra 400

PUBLISHED: 10:12 09 March 2017 | UPDATED: 10:12 09 March 2017

1/3 Share Extra 400

1/3 Share Extra 400


Based Bournemouth - £89,000 no VAT

1/3 Share Extra 4001/3 Share Extra 400

Based at Bournemouth Airfield (EGHH), the Extra 400 is a highly capable, pressurised, high performance single, built mainly in carbon fibre.

Cabin seatsCabin seats

Powered by a 350hp turbocharged Continental TSIOL 550C. It is very smooth and stable in flight but also very responsive. It is a pleasure to fly and works well for both short and long distance flights.

Cabin seatsCabin seats

The plane includes various upgrades such as a Garmin GTN 650 and 750 combination, a JPI engine monitor and a brand new high performance scimitar prop, which improves cruise and climb performance by up to 10%. With a ceiling of 25,000 feet, certification for flight into known icing, weather radar and STEC55 auto-pilot, it is a full IFR airways machine, and will comfortably cruise at 190-200 knots TAS.


To date, aircraft has 1010 TTSN, with 6 hours on the new prop. Also Included are: 5 Bose headsets, 5 lifejackets and a life raft.

New panelNew panel

Offering 1/3 share to maintain a balanced and friendly group with minimal use overlap.

Price: £89,000 no VAT

For further information, or simply to ask questions, please contact Nigel Jackson.

Tel: 0790 0002850

Email: nigel@arcloud.com

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