224hp STOL 4-5str £19,950 inc. ARC up to Jan 2014


Morane-Saulnier - Credit: Archant

Morane-Saulnier 894A Minerva No 11079:2333hr TT: 620hr E (>1800 min!)

Morane-Saulnier 2

Morane-Saulnier 2 - Credit: Archant

50hr CS prop (Nov’ 10-Nov’ 16). Surveyed non-corrosion (recent treatment). comprehensive IFR (duplicate) panel inc. 3 coms with optional Garmin 250 (current data) +. ARC> Jan’ 2014. Full span LE slats give fantastic T/O performance etc. 7/10. Cotswold area; might ‘halve’ Hoda powered ‘tug’ £ option if desired. Phone (UK, evenings) +44 (0)1453 860731