Beautiful Cessna 182Q for sale

Cessna 182Q

Cessna 182Q - Credit: Archant

Dennis Kenyon offers as owner, a beautiful Cessna 182Q model, being the last of the smooth RR 230bhp six-cylinder ‘Continental’ engines,

1315 hrs out of 1,800 TBO. TTSN 2800 hrs. Hartzell VP prop OH May 2013. The 182 is probably the most popular 4/6 seat touring aircraft in the world, certainly in the USA with 25,000 sold world-wide. 1150 fpm ROC. 135 knots cruise at 70% power. 150 knots TAS at 5000 ft. VNE 175 knts. 1980s KING & NARCO avionics but full IFR. 4-5 hrs endurance with 930 nm range. Rheims factory ‘Zinc Chromate’ airframe protection. Recent custom repaint so appearance is virtually as new. Interior average. The Q model is routinely advertised in the USA for $90,000 to $120,000. My asking price ex Shobdon , England is £49,500 plus VAT if applicable. Classic car or light helicopter considered in part exchange. E-mail enquires please to: OR Radiophone: 07831-553777. (voice mail service)