PPL E-Exam Ground Teacher | from £99 plus £10 CAA charge

50 years experience and a patient teaching style

50 years experience and a patient teaching style - Credit: Archant

Ground Teacher for exams and flight examiner for Microlight, CAA PPL aircraft and helicopter with 50 years experience

PPL E-Exams Made Possible

Perhaps I should explain that for 50 years I have been a Ground Teacher for exams & flight examiner for Microlight, CAA PPL aircraft & helicopter, IMC Ratings.

All my life has been spent teaching ordinary people to pass their flying exams. I remember leaving school at 14 having quite a struggle to get all the information crammed in my head & keep it there longer enough to pass the writtens.

I think that experience has given me the patience & understanding to teach in an uncomplicated way. Don’t worry if you think you will find it hard to learn, it’s what I do. I don’t get the “Rocket Scientist”!

NO ZOOM – Online – Or any other Magic

You will I am sure be aware that all PPL exams are called E-Exams & conducted by the CAA & sat at your chosen ground exam training provider.

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My training provider is: R. D. Flying (0132) This is not connected with where you do your flying.

5 Day Exam Course

I have always done these, but with E-Exams some people find this a bit intense. Fear not, we can do another day or two at no extra cost. You can come in any modules you like, (you have 18 months to pass 9 exams)... come 1 day, 2 days, whatever you like, up to 5 days + to do them all.

All teaching is one to one. Don’t worry if you find it hard, perversely the harder people find a subject, the greater the joy in success. Life is a great leveller.

Cost of exams including ground school from £99 plus £10 CAA charge. Retakes are Free (Exc CAA £10 charge). Just Pay as you Go.

VHF RT Practical - Not a requirement for PPL issue but I can do it for you, if your school doesn’t have its own examiner.

Finally do not worry, I will make you laugh more than cry, you are not here to prove anything, it’s me that has to do that. The idea is that you come, have an enjoyable time.

Go home & tell your flying school that you enjoyed what I did for you, then maybe they will recommend others.

Ring me – Derek - 07831 517428 - day or evening

P.S. Microlight exams now available. Short 3 day course £399 Total.