Rare Pair – Once in a lifetime opportunity.


- Credit: Archant

DH90 Dragonfly, the first luxury private airliner, one of only two in the world, totally rebuilt by Cliff Lovell in 1992, total time since then 704hrs, Gipsy Major 10-1-3 fitted with electric starters, top overhaul at 662hrs.


- Credit: Archant

Fuselage repainted by Mick Allen 2011, new batteries, new tyres, fitted hydraulic brakes with a tail wheel lock, VHF com with transponder& intercom, superb touring for five people. 6 1/2 hrs endurance at 100 kts. One of the most beautiful aeroplanes ever made, same designer as the Mosquito and the Australia Air Race winning Comet. Presently on a Certificate of Airworthiness.


- Credit: Archant


- Credit: Archant

DH84 Dragon, the first economic airliner, six seats plus pilot, totally rebuilt by Cliff Lovell in 2003,

341 hrs since then, engines Gipsy Major 1 CZ also 341hrs, VHF, intercom & transponder.

Superb condition, will fold to fit your coach house , this is one of only four or five Dragons Flying in the world, a wonderful historic aeroplane.

Sale due to senility of longterm owner.

Best offer over £300,000 for each aircraft secures, together or separately.

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