Get all your theory done now with Linda Wheeler Ground School

Linda Wheeler Ground School

Linda Wheeler Ground School - Credit: Archant

Student Pilot? Grounded? Now’s the time to get all your theory done

Linda Wheeler

Linda Wheeler - Credit: Archant

Flying lessons may still be prohibited, but socially distancing ground school training is now allowed as part of the easing of lockdown restrictions.

This means that there has never been a better reason for student pilots to get their ground school exams done and dusted with Linda Wheeler Ground School.

Linda’s Buckinghamshire based ground school has been reconfigured for social distancing and is helping pilots from the UK and further afield to make the most of being grounded to complete their exams.

Linda, who is a long-established private pilot herself, set out to use her secondary school experience as an educator to fill what she perceived was a gap in the market – for someone who could explain difficult concepts to people in a way that is simple, meaningful and memorable. Her ethos is “simplify, don’t mystify”.

And it works, attracting a stream of students, including a television celebrity, a household name film star and even one member of a royal family. But Linda is not starstruck.

She is a genuine enthusiast, who uses her passion for her subject to pass on the technical detail that can seem daunting to the novice pilot.

Linda comments: “Many new pilots are fulfilling a lifelong dream, but even I have to admit that few of us would put ground school on the bucket list! It can be dreary and overwhelming.

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“My aim is to help my students complete ground school quickly and efficiently, but in a way that is enjoyable, memorable and will ultimately make them better pilots.”

Such is the success that Linda has put more than 560 students through the pilots exams in five years. From this success, the Dutch creators of the PAL-V, the first mass production flying car, were looking for a theory instructor and examiner, they selected Linda Wheeler.

As Linda’s clientele is global she can also draw on her experience of living and learning in other countries. Linda was born in Libya and lived in various countries in the Caribbean as a child before working in Japan as an adult.

Linda is qualified as a theory instructor and examiner for EASA PPL(A) and IMC (IRR). She runs group and individual courses, by appointment.