Eclipse Open Day

Come to Lydd Airport this Sunday and see the Eclipse.

According to the company, the Eclipse Jet - flight tested in Pilot’s March 2013 edition - is the highest performance aircraft in General Aviation. It features six seats, a cruise speed of 375 knots, a range of 1,125nm (in three hours) and burns fuel at less than 200 litres per hour at 41,000 feet. It runs on two PW610F turbofan engines and boasts an all-glass cockpit with a range of advanced avionics equipment such as 3D synthetic and enhanced infra-red vision technology.

You can see the Eclipse and chat to representatives from distributor Aeris Aviation at Lydd Airport on Sunday 9 March 2014.

For further details on the event please contact Neil Harvey on either or call 07834 015833.

To learn more about the Eclipse, you can visit Aeris Aviation’s website.