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No JP aeros

PUBLISHED: 15:26 23 March 2007 | UPDATED: 13:47 10 October 2012

The CAA has issued a Mandatory Permit Directive restricting Jet Provosts and BAC Strikemasters to 'non-aerobatic' flight.

On 8 March the CAA issued a Mandatory Permit Directive (MPD 2007-002) restricting operation of Jet Provosts and BAC Strikemasters to ‘non-aerobatic’ flight.
This comes after a fatal accident deemed to have been caused by wing structural failure and The MPD relates to cracking in the port and starboard mainplane spar upper attachment lugs.
Previous MPDs have called for inspection of the aircraft but the CAA has determined that these tests do not necessarily find cracking if it takes place from the inner surface of the lug where any crack may be obscured by the bush. Repeated removal of the bush is not advisable as it may introduce damage to the lug bore.
Before further flights can be conducted owners must insert a placard within plain view of the pilots stating: “Aerobatics are prohibited”.
The MPD may be alleviated or revised when the CAA are satisfied that alternative methods of crack detection have been devised.

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