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Articles for consideration are welcomed by Pilot's editors. Much of the magazine is written by outside contributors, many of them regulars.

Advice to contributors

Please note: we take good care of material submitted, but we cannot take responsibility for loss or damage in the post or otherwise.

Manuscripts & photographic prints or slides

If you are sending hard copy or images, please provide a stamped self-addressed envelope so that your material may be returned.


We prefer copy to be sent by email. Please do not email large photo files. Small 'thumbnail' low-resolution images of low file size (less than 100kB) are acceptable.


Where applicable, supply a generous selection of images. Take some photos with camera turned to produce vertical shots. Include a photo of yourself on location or with your aircraft if you are contributing a travel article. Good photos make-or-break many articles, especially travel stories—try to "tell the story" with the photos just as you have done with the words.

Please provide succinct image captions.

It is important that your original images are of high resolution—the image size at 300 dpi will indicate normal maximum size for printing in a magazine. Generally 6-10mp digital SLRs produce images that will run full-page (fine jpeg setting). If an article is accepted, images can be supplied on disk or uploaded to a suitable website.

If photographs are not your own, please indicate to whom they should be credited; be sure that reproduction has been approved and that there are no separate reproduction fees required. Remember too that maps and charts can add interest to an article, as well as photographs.

Article content and style

Please study the magazine to see the sort of material we publish. Pilot is aimed at private, commercial and would-be flyers, including enthusiasts. If you have a good story to tell, it will almost tell itself. Just write a straightforward account, preferably on a subject of widespread, rather than purely personal, interest. Humour is particularly welcome.

Length, titles and introductions

Articles should not be too long. Short, concise features are far more likely to be accepted than long rambling accounts. The regular feature 'I learned about flying from that' provides a slot for many readers' short accounts of their adventures and should be about 1,000 words long. A simple title will do; if you wish you can also provide a few words of introduction, but generally we write these ourselves.


We pay for most of the articles published, in a range presently from £30 for a photo with caption, to £50 for a typical 'I learned about flying from that', to £300 for a travel story. Other articles, such as a general feature or a flight test are negotiated seperately with the Editor. (The fee for touring or travel articles is generally expected to include any photos accompanying it.) We pay on publication.


We buy right to first UK publication, including publication on Pilot website,, unless otherwise agreed.

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