Diamond sims installed remotely

Diamond Aircraft flight simulator

Diamond’s engineering team would typically travel to a training site in order to install a simulator. With the prolonged Covid travel restrictions, the company has now developed the ability to install simulators remotely - Credit: Diamond Aircraft

Although Diamond Aircraft flight simulators are usually installed on-site at the customer’s location, continuing travel restrictions due to the pandemic have led Diamond Aircraft’s Simulation Team, along with the company’s IT and Sales Department to develop live remote installations.

This facility is now offered to Diamond customers worldwide, and the company has already successfully completed several remote installations. “I am proud of our innovative team working hard on facing these challenging times with creative ideas” said Liqun (Frank) Zhang, CEO Diamond Aircraft Austria. 

The model-specific flight training devices (eg DA40, DA42) complement the company’s training aircraft, particularly for instrument and procedural training. Despite the success of the remote installations, Diamond Aircraft is still offering on-site simulator systems, and the company will ‘keep doing so for everyone once worldwide travelling is possible again’.