10 great Christmas flying experiences and aviation gifts

13 great flying experiences and aviation gifts

13 great flying experiences and aviation gifts - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

With Christmas on the way you might be starting to wonder what you can get the pilot or aviation enthusiast in your life. Here are 10 flying experience providers and aviation gifts that may make your decision a little easier

Bournemouth Avionics

Bournemouth Avionics - Credit: Archant

1) Bournemouth Avionics

Sales@bavionics.co.uk | 02392 299 357

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What’s the perfect gift for a Pilot in your life this Christmas? Well… Here is the Garmin D2 Delta family of premium GPS aviator watches. Putting true global flight navigation capabilities onto the wrists of forward-looking pilots and flying enthusiasts. With advanced aviation and sport functions, these sleek new designs are available in three sizes.

The top of the range 51mm Delta PX model incorporates a GPS moving map, a wrist-based pulse oximeter that tracks blood oxygen saturation in flight, Nexrad colour weather radar imagery, airport data, automatic flight logging, connectivity with compatible avionics and more. Who knew a pilot watch could do all this?

Then we have the 47mm D2 Delta, it incorporates many of the same features, but has a silver titanium bezel, as well as a premium brown leather strap.

The 42 mm Delta S features a stylish rose gold-tone bezel and is lighter, sleeker and smaller than previous D2 models. Ideal for smaller wrists and comes with a beige leather strap that makes it easy to transition from the cockpit to a night out.

Tiger Club

Tiger Club - Credit: Archant

2) Tiger Club

01708 524633

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Calling all vintage adrenaline junkies. If the sight and sound of this classic British biplane fills you with excitement and transports you back to the nostalgia of the 1930’s, this experience is for you.

Accompanied by an experienced club member, this is your chance to take a seat in the historic two-seater Tiger Moth and fly into a bygone era. Feel the exhilaration of the wind rushing past you as you soar into the skies in this open cockpit biplane. Flights start from £180.

For the true adrenaline junkie, step into the agile CAP-10 for a thrilling aerobatic rollercoaster ride. A superb chance to experience rolls, loops and stall turns - the ideal gift for anyone looking to crank up the G-Force. Flights start from £180.

For more information and how to book please visit: www.tigerclub.co.uk/experiences

Flying Pig Helicopters

Flying Pig Helicopters - Credit: Archant

3) Flying Pig Helicopters

info@flyingpighelicopters.co.uk | 0207 118 8998

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Their fun, friendly, family-run flying school offers a wide range of helicopter trial lessons and experiences for all budding pilots. Choose a one-to-one trial lesson, learn about the controls and have a go at hovering. Something for two? Book a romantic experience which includes chocolates and a glass of fizz.

For the young aviators there’s the Junior Flying Encounter available from 10-16yrs or perhaps you have a football or film fanatic in the family in which case the brand new studio or stadium tour flights are the perfect gift! All trial lessons and experiences are conducted by an experienced flying instructor so you will be able take the controls and actually fly. Once landed mementos of your flight (photos, DVDs and even RC Helis) are available to purchase. Discover the joy of rotary flight from just £99.

Thinking about becoming a pilot? Throughout November they are offering 10 hours in the Cabri G2 for the price of 7 (full details are available on the website).

All flights, lessons and experiences are strictly flown using the latest government and CAA guidelines for COVID-19.

Globalstar SPOT Gen4

Globalstar SPOT Gen4 - Credit: Archant

4) Globalstar SPOT Gen4

eusales@findmespot.com | +353 (1) 2909571

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SPOT Gen4 gives you a critical, life-saving line of communication when you travel beyond the boundaries of reliable mobile service.

SPOT Gen4 lets family, friends, and colleagues know you’re OK, or if the unexpected should happen, sends your GPS location to emergency responders all with the push of a button.

Add this rugged, pocket-sized device to your essential gear and stay connected wherever you play or work.

Features Include: - S.O.S. - Tracking - Check In - Custom Message - Help

Monday 31st August 2020
Picture Credit Charlotte Graham
Pictures Shows:
The Loach Helicopter fr

Monday 31st August 2020 Picture Credit Charlotte Graham Pictures Shows: The Loach Helicopter from www.huey.co.uk owned by Phil Connelly - Credit: Charlotte Graham

5) Huey

sales@huey.co.uk | 01772 687775 or 01772 671950

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After many years of hard work and dedication they are now able to offer this amazing and exciting experience to you with “DOORS OPEN”.

Their ‘Concourse d’Elegance’ award-winning Vietnam Veteran Helicopter ‘Huey 509’ (72-21509) served as part of the 129th Assault Helicopter Company during the Vietnam War.

Phil Connolly (a local business man) purchased ‘Huey 509’ in 2003 and commissioned her full restoration. In May 2005 the aircraft arrived at her new home in Lancashire. She has been fully restored to flying condition. Huey 509 is now permitted under UK CAA Regulations to fly with 5 passengers on board. Gift Vouchers available from www.huey.co.uk

As a privately-owned business, operating from Wesham in Lancashire with over 15 years’ experience, they pride themselves in offering a personal service to their customers from all over the world. They are the only genuine flying Vietnam Veteran Huey Helicopter in Europe and you will not find another experience like this in the UK.


SEHT - Credit: Archant


Calling all flyers… SEHT is a UK-based company, focused on bringing a range of affordable premium quality aviation headsets to the sector.

They offer a variety of headsets and price range to suit all those from learners to pilots with models from basic PNR to high quality ANR plus a range of carbon fibre headsets, giving a lightweight, sleek-look headset.

SEHT has had the proud opportunity to support Aerobility, a charity which gives disabled people the chance to fly, by donating some of their SH40-10 headsets to the charity’s flyers. SEHT is also involved in supporting the British Aerobatics Academy by offering use of the SH40-60 for one of their young flyers in aerobatics competition.

SEHT offers a five-year warranty on all headsets, a 30-day refund if a customer is not happy using their new headset as well as further advice and help through their friendly service and repair centre. SEHT pride themselves in ensuring they keep their customers happy.

For this special feature SEHT are offering 10% off all headsets found on the website for the duration. Please enter code CG010 at checkout. For more information about their products please visit www.seht.co.uk or contact sales@seht.co.uk

With Christmas upon us these headsets make flying an enjoyable experience!

Kai Aviation Complete Set

Kai Aviation Complete Set - Credit: Archant

7) Kai Aviation

+49 372 955 0830

Kai Aviation Complete Set

Featuring t-shirts and other items of clothing to give a casual look with an elegant touch, this complete set will make a great gift for any aviation enthusiast.

A quarter size bottle of champagne is also included in a bag printed with the phrase “All you need for a safe flight!”

Sherburn Aero Club

Sherburn Aero Club - Credit: Archant

8) Sherburn Aero Club

flightdesk@sherburnaeroclub.com | 01977 682674 | New Lennerton Lane, Sherburn in Elmet, Leeds LS25 6JE

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Block book self-fly 10 hours AERO AT-3 for £990.00

This Christmas capture the romance and excitement of flight, with a gift of flight at Sherburn Aero Club. Book a flight experience and you will take to the sky with one of their experienced flying instructors and experience first-hand the thrill of flight and the more adventurous may take to controls.

Prices start from £81.75: Aero AT-3 (seats 2 incl. instructor) 30 mins: £81.75 One hour: £158.50 | Piper PA-28 (seats 3 incl. instructor) 30 mins: £100.00 One hour: £195.00 | Robin 2160 (seats 2 incl. instructor) 30 mins: £103.50 One hour: £202.00

Get your pilot licence for a little as £4999: Courses available 7 days a week: PPL(A), LAPL, NPPL, IR(R), NIGHT, AEROBATICS, FRTOL, GROUNDSCHOOL.

ACESquadron Spitfire Simulator

ACESquadron Spitfire Simulator - Credit: Archant

9) ACESquadron Spitfire Simulator

01608 678204 | paul@acesquadron.co.uk

From the outset they set out to create a truly memorable experience, as close as you can get to flying a real Spitfire. The cockpit section is a full-scale replica of a Spitfire Mk9 with authentic controls and a seat feedback system.

The 14m x 1.8m wrap around screen gives an almost a 220 degree view and with Dolby 5.1 surround sound compliments the immersive experience.

With their flight controller to show you the ropes the take off and land program gives you the full experience of flying. Combat capability tests your skills against fighters and bombers - combine the two for a total experience!

Fly-in or drive to Enstone Flying Club for a truly memorable day that is not affected by the weather and is COVID-19 approved.

Find out more and book your slot in the simulator: www.spitfireclub.co.uk/book-a-spitfire-experience


SkyDemon - Credit: Archant

10) SkyDemon


SkyDemon is the popular flight planning and navigation app used by tens of thousands of pilots across Europe to make VFR easier and more fun.

Plan your flights with ultra-clear vector charts and national AIP documents for all of Europe included in one price. Get a straightforward narrow route briefing for NOTAMs and weather which will affect your planned flight. Go flying with SkyDemon for spectacular situational awareness at a glance, and record your flown track for post-flight debriefing and analysis.

SkyDemon is available as a gift certificate, which can be activated at any time to start an annual personal license for accessing all these features and more on your Android, iPad/iPhone and Windows PC devices.

Take a look at their website to find out more, and start a free trial to discover how SkyDemon can support your flying.


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