Hybrid-electric Airlander 10 could be delivered within five years

PUBLISHED: 09:28 05 February 2020

Airlander 10

Airlander 10


The hybrid-electric Airlander 10 will provide a 90% reduction on emissions over other aircraft in mobility and logistics applications

The technology at the heart of the Airlander 10 creates significant efficiency in flight. In the base configuration of the aircraft, which has four combustion engines, Airlander 10 will deliver up to 75% reduction in emissions over comparable aircraft in a wide range of roles.

No other aircraft is able to deliver Airlander 10's capability while simultaneously reducing emissions by this degree.

Hybrid Air Vehicles are therefore currently developing electric engines with the goal to deliver a hybrid-electric Airlander 10 within five years. This will provide a 90% reduction on emissions over other aircraft in mobility and logistics applications while offering operational flexibility in service.

For example, this aircraft will be able to transport up to 90 passengers over a maximum all-electric range of 350km. The hybrid-electric mode significantly extends this range.

During all-electric operation, Airlander 10 will cruise at 50 knots, with the ability to cruise at up to 70 knots in hybrid-electric mode. On an example route such as Liverpool to Newcastle (approximately 200km), 90 passengers could travel point to point in two hours with 90% lower emissions than other aircraft, while also enjoying a quiet, comfortable cabin.

"Having flown a prototype Airlander that had emissions up to 75% lower than other large aircraft, we set out our vision for Airlander to be the future of zero-carbon aviation," comments HAV's CEO Tom Grundy.

"Today, it is no longer necessary to explain to people why decarbonising aviation is important. We believe that our ability to offer our customers ultra-low emissions aircraft in standard and hybrid-electric configurations by 2025 is a very strong statement of our commitment and a major step to achieving this goal."

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