Otto Aviation Celera 500L will be ‘most fuel-efficient aircraft in the world’

Celera 500L

Celera 500L - Credit: NA

Otto Aviation announced at the end of August that the prototype of its Celera 500L has now logged more than thirty successful test flights

Celera 500L

Celera 500L - Credit: NA

The company claims that the Celera is the most fuel-efficient, commercially viable passenger aircraft in the world.

Other claims, such as a maximum cruise speed of 390kt, a range of over four thousand miles, and a fuel economy of twenty-five miles per gallon are equally impressive.

According to Otto ‘the dramatic reduction in fuel consumption makes the Celera 500L the most environmentally friendly airplane in its class and presents a major leap forward in the effort to develop a zero-emission air transportation system.’

The aircraft is powered by a 550hp RED A03 V-12 diesel engine mounted in a pusher configuration, and utilizes extensive laminar flow over the fuselage, wings, and tail surfaces to reduce drag and achieve superior aerodynamics, speed, and fuel efficiency.

It features a stand-up cabin with six first-class seats and a lavatory.

“Innovation at its core is solving a problem without conventional bias. Our goal was to create a private aircraft that would allow for direct flights between any city pair in the USA at speeds and cost comparable to commercial air travel,” said William Otto Sr., Chairman and Chief Scientist of Otto Aviation.

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“In many cases, individuals and families will be able to charter the Celera 500L at prices comparable to commercial airfares, but with the added convenience of private aviation.

“We believe when the price of private air travel is competitive with commercial air travel, an enormous market opportunity will result.”

While the company started its Celera 500L project well before the spread of Covid-19, recent data indicate that the pandemic might boost significantly the attractiveness of business-type air travel, with customers lured specifically by the ability to avoid crowded airports.