Redhill requests approval for taxiway work

Redhill Aerodrome (c) foundin_a_attic, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Redhill Aerodrome (c) foundin_a_attic, Flickr (CC BY 2.0) - Credit: Archant

Redhill aerodrome has applied to alter its taxiway, as a contentious debate with several stakeholders regarding the airport continues

The airfield has been in a planning wrangle with Reigate & Banstead Council ever since a five hundred metres section of taxiway was widened, straightened and resurfaced in 2015.

The aerodrome disagreed with the council’s assertion that the work needed planning approval and argued the work should be allowed under permitted development.

Anti-airfield campaigners contended that the airfield – which has repeatedly been refused permission to tarmac over its grass runways in the past – was trying to intensify flying ‘through the back door’.

Airport managers denied that and maintained the works were necessary to improve safety.

A retrospective planning application submitted in 2016 was refused by councillors, so now an application to reduce the width of the stretch from fourteen metres back to its original size of ten metres (retaining though the straightened shape) has been submitted.

Over ninety people have posted comments about the plan on the council’s website, the clear majority in support of the aerodrome.

Supporters of Redhill can comment via the Reigate & Banstead Council’s website.

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