5 great places that will help get your aircraft ready for winter

5 great places that will help get your aircraft ready for winter

5 great places that will help get your aircraft ready for winter - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Winterising your aircraft is vital at this time of year as temperatures drop and the elements become more unpredictable. There are plenty of ways to protect your plane and these businesses are experts in helping you do just that

CAV Ice Systems

CAV Ice Systems - Credit: Archant

1) CAV Systems

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Avoid it or escape it - either way pilots are taught to prepare for ice at all costs. Frost, snow, and freezing rain or drizzle can quickly impair the smooth surface of the aircraft airframe, disrupting air flow to increase drag and decrease lift.

Whilst remaining aware of potential icing conditions is one of the best ways to avoid ice, for those pilots that want to use their aircraft year-round, or equip their aircraft against all icing scenarios, the TKS® ice protection system protects the entire aircraft frame including wings, tails, propeller, windshield and struts.

TKS® guards the surface of your aircraft from freezing by evenly dispersing a freezing point depressant solution across the frame. Providing both anti-icing and de-icing protection, the TKS® fluid breaks the bond between ice and frame, allowing the system to shed any accumulated ice and prevent any ice build-up thereafter.

TKS® is certified for factory and retrofit installation in over 100 different aircraft model variants.

Cambrai Covers

Cambrai Covers - Credit: Archant

2) Cambrai Covers


‘Should I cover my aircraft?’ It’s a question we are asked all the time and answer is easy: whether inside or outside you should always cover your aircraft.

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Why? For aircraft parked outside there is no “perfect weather”. Your aircraft needs careful protection to prevent the damage that sun, rain and frost can inflict and a well-made cover will provide a surprisingly good level of protection.

True, a properly made aircraft cover will cost more than a plastic tarpaulin from your local hardware store but in the longer term will save the initial cost many times over.

Cambrai Covers have been designing and manufacturing aircraft covers since 1978. They have made thousands of covers for over 600 types of aircraft in every sector of aviation – the smallest single seaters to the fastest jets, and it’s not unknown for them to achieve 15 years of life – or more.

They love to chat about aeroplanes, so why not give them a call or send an email? At the very least you’ll get a free pen!

Winterise your aircraft with Pooleys

Winterise your aircraft with Pooleys - Credit: Archant

3) Pooleys

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Established in 1957, Pooleys has 7 decades of experience in supplying pilots with the best gear they need to safeguard their aircraft.

They sell over 2750 products through their website www.pooleys.com including many that will help you protect your aircraft during the colder winter months.

From anti-corrosion sprays to Aeroshell oils, cleaning products to spark plugs and filters, they’ve got it covered.

Please visit their website or call on 0800 678 5153 for product details and advice.

Cover Systems

Cover Systems - Credit: Archant

4) Cover Systems

Aircraft covers for use outdoors (choice of two) or in-hangar. Protect a single part of your plane, various sections, or the whole of it. Their aeroplane covers offer an unrivalled choice of three fabric types.

They specialise in covers for all light aircraft types including high-wing, low-wing, biplane, and helicopters.

Outdoor aircraft covers (both types) offer protection from natural pollutants like bird droppings, snow and ice, acid rain, industrial pollutants, dust and airborne dirt, UV radiation and hot sunshine. Their Outdoor Heavy Duty cover is made with acrylic canvas.

Their Outdoor Lightweight cover is made with a polyester textile/fabric proofed with an aluminised finish (looks silvery) designed to reflect UV.

In-hangar aircraft covers offer protection from bird droppings, knocks and spills, and are 100% dustproof.

The aircraft cover that is suitable for continuous inside use. Their In-Hangar aircraft covers are machine washable and dry quickly. They are made with a silky very light nylon textile/fabric. All materials are fully breathable.

GS Aviation

GS Aviation - Credit: Archant

5) GS Aviation

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GS Aviation has an established Rotax and Jabiru service facility based at Clench Common Airfield.

They are an accredited Rotax service centre, with Paul Burton, the senior engineer, able to complete a multitude of engine, airframe, avionic, and composite work.

They have a comprehensive workshop facility, able to cover all types of work including fixed-wing and Gyrocopter.

Their new flex-wing facility has a wing assembly area and a sail loft able to repair fabric wing covers. They have very experienced staff who have 30 years in all fields of aviation.


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